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"Everything is looking great so far. Thanks for being so incredibly on top of things and communicating so amazingly well. You are SO IMPRESSIVE!!! Love working with you!!!!"
~Jill K

Creative Journey

Please enjoy this piece written in Boulder County Home & Garden. We were the Landscape Architects for this house, and so enjoyed co-creatively designing this special garden!

Another Quote

One often hears the adage, 'It's the journey, not the destination that counts'. In working with Tom and Anhyka as they designed the new landscape for our home, I would have to adjust that just a bit to say 'It's the journey AND the destination that count'.
Both Tom and Anhyka were an absolute delight to work with through the design process. Ours was not an easy project, having landscape challenges that pushed their plans to incorporate some stunningly creative results. Tom and Anhyka have a rare connection with each other and are sensitive to their clients - who they are, and what they are after. Inviting me to join them in 'rock hunting' and specimen selection excursions was perfect. I loved being more intimately involved with the process, while also feeling quite comfortable that the end results would have been wonderful either way. They also had a remarkable working relationship with the landscape installers and the communication between the two groups appeared seamless. Watching their visions unfold day by day and the ultimate result - the 'destination' - was captivating. The inviting path to our front door is now an experience rather than just a walk, and sitting at our dining table gazing out the window with background sound of trickling water is, well... Zen. We now have an outstanding outdoor environment that we can appreciate from inside and out. Thank you, Tom & Anhyka!
Diane Glover

some quotes from clients

"I loved working with Tom and Anhyka.  They brought a dimension of enchantment to my project, and helped me see and experience my garden in a deeper, more vivid way, Plus they had  the execution of the project well handled. They worked with my gardeners very skillfully, and got the job done efficiently with minimal effort from me."
PS  See you in the Spring!

J. Salzman
"Tom and Anhyka were a real pleasure to work with. They spent lots of time with us--getting to know our family, our tastes, and our property. We are very happy with how our large landscaping project turned out. Their artistic tastes and practical sensibilities really impressed us. In addition to designing a fantastic plan, they were integral in implementing the plan and in having the plans evolve as the project unfolded. We were also pleased with how Tom and Anhyka respected our wishes to stay within our budget. We would highly recommend Altgelt and Associates."

S. Hirschhorn

How to Find the Right Landscape Architect:

The process of creating a truly beautiful landscape for one’s residence can be daunting! Whether one is starting with an empty lot or an existing landscape that no longer inspires us, the idea of making major changes can be overwhelming. And then there is the question not only of who to trust to help you through this artistic process, but who will build that landscape of your dreams? Landing the right team of landscape architect and landscape contractor is so important!
One of the first things to address when embarking on the redesign of your landscape is to realistically define your budget. For some people this is very flexible, and for others not at all. We have clients happily triple their budget, as they realize that what they would like will cost more than they anticipated and that there were more features that they wanted of which they had not yet considered. Others are grateful that we firmly adhered to their budget and optimized what they received within those parameters.
Landscape work is rarely as simple as the plan. Most reputable landscape architects always include a 10% contingency to their estimated costs. Whether one encounters unforeseen problems, or the client would like to upgrade an aspect of their garden, it is always a good idea to include a financial buffer. Then there are times when a whole plan gets scrapped because of the level of unforeseen costs such as if you have to blast rock when you were expecting to be able to dig.
Landscape architects specialize in different landscape or design styles and price ranges. Therefore, peruse pictures of landscapes that a company has completed, and if they resonate with you, talk to them! Some designers tend to employ an Asian style, while others might adopt a more European style. There are also firms who are proficient in many styles. Some offices design up to three different plans for you, and you choose the one that suits you the best, while others employ a co-creative design process that enables you to become an integral part of the design team, potentially even designing the rough plan together with the client at the table, our preferred mode of operation here at Altgelt & Associates. Most companies also have a price niche; some execute a suitable quality of work for a very reasonable price, while others do extraordinary work for a higher price tag. If you are looking for an extraordinary garden, it is always worth spending the extra money on a qualified landscape architect! Your end product will show the difference both early on and especially into the future.
It is always useful if you are on a budget to list your priorities and clarify your program. This will include obvious basic needs such as preventing water from getting into the basement the next time it floods and a path to the front door, followed by the things you want, such as a water feature, fire pit, or more mature planting.
Your landscape architect should ask you a lot of questions such as if you have (or are considering having) children or pets or if you have allergies to bees or if your property is open to passing deer, bears, or mountain lions.  The former will affect the design features, while the latter will affect plant selections.
A good landscape architect will also pay attention to microclimates around your property. A practiced landscape architect should easily be able to ascertain the most important considerations on the first visit. As example, placing a patio on the south side of a building with no shade trees would make it impossible for you to enjoy that space during the height of a summer’s day. Likewise, the way water is directed on your property is another large concern for a landscape architect and is one of the more important points for them to address.
You will notice that a well-designed garden feels good. This is in part accomplished by scaling everything correctly for the space in which it resides. The proportion of open space versus planting has a large effect on the way you feel. We hear many homeowners complain about a previous lack of consideration regarding the eventual size of the plant material! A good question to ask is, “how might this look in thirty years?” Though one might assume that all landscape architects are well versed in plant material, most only have an education in designing large parks and cityscapes, and not residential landscapes where the individual plants play such a vital role.
The key to a beautiful garden that meets or exceeds your expectations is to find someone who is qualified and whom you trust to make your dreams come true! Your garden will be a space that you will live with for a long time, and it is important that it inspires, uplifts and rejuvenates you!