Services of Altgelt & Associates

Initial On-site Meeting:

At this meeting A&A helps the client determine their desired intentions for their garden alongside preliminary budget discussions.

Master Plan:

When appropriate, A&A will create a phased master plan.

Conceptual Plan: 

A&A provides loosely, hand-drawn sketches on trace paper to allow for a workshop-style development of design ideas.

Cost Projections:

A&A will run in-house cost projections on all projects in order to attain the clear sense that we are designing within the client’s desired budget.

Section, Elevation, and Perspective Drawings:

Upon request, A&A will provide hand-drawn section, elevation, and perspective drawings in order to give the client a better sense of what to expect of their future garden.


If requested, A&A will stake out with irrigation flag markers key, intended garden spaces so that the client can ascertain a more experiential sense of proportion.

Plant Palette:

A&A provides clients with imagery from our in-house plant database related to the plant material proposed for their specific project including trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, perennials and ground covers.

Materials Palette:

If clients are unfamiliar with typical landscape materials, A&A will provide images, links, or samples that will assist clients in making their material choices.

Approvals Process:

A&A works with any project’s necessary review committees including presentations, when required, to Homeowners Associations (HOA), Architectural Review Committees (ARC), Design Review Committees (DRC), District Boards, and City Building and Development Departments.

Construction Documentation:

The design package from which the landscape contractor works includes a grading plan, materials plan, lighting plan, and planting plan along with construction details as the landscape contractor deems necessary.

Grading Plan:

A&A provides grading plans related to necessary surface drainage on all projects.

Materials Plan:

This plan calls out the various allocations of certain materials throughout the site.

Lighting Plan:

The lighting plan will communicate the fixture type, finish, and location throughout your garden depending on the client’s preferred lighting style.

Planting Plan:

A&A will produce a planting plan as a reference document to facilitate plant layout.

Boulder Selection:

A&A team members will hand select boulder material from either local stone yards or open ranches in Wyoming to capture the intended aesthetic value.

Tree Selection:

A&A team members will hand select large deciduous and evergreen tree specimen for the most pleasing form and overall presence.

Boulder Setting:

A&A team members will work with the crews of selected landscape contractors to oversee all boulder placement to ensure that the full artistic value of each boulder is achieved. 

Plant Layout:

To insure the fullest expression of the intended planting vision, A&A team members will work with the crews of selected landscape contractors to literally lay out all plant material from the largest of trees to the tiniest of ground covers.

On-site or In-house Follow-ups:

A&A offers support at various, poignant junctures throughout the design process.


On the occasion that a client is simply looking for a boost of inspiration when it comes to their garden, A&A can provide such direction on an hourly consultation basis.