Our Credentials

Although we feel our work speaks for itself, we also have prestigious awards, degrees, memberships, and publications that speak of a broader recognition of our work and expertise.

Work History

Anchoring Altgelt & Associates is Tom Altgelt, who is licensed as a landscape architect in Massachusetts. For over three decades, has brought a deep mindfulness and creativity to a variety of projects, ranging from a wide array of intimate backyard spaces and larger estate gardens to the New Government Center of Saudi Arabia and the Garden of Nations in Stuttgart, Germany.

International Landscape Architecture and Design Experience

Having received his degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Tom initially honed his professional training and skills in Germany, where he was invited to help develop conceptual ideas and details for the various landscapes and gardens of the New Government Center for Saudi Arabia.

He was then asked to join Otto Arnold, Inc., Stuttgart's leading design-build practice, as head designer, specializing in private estate gardens.  Here Tom learned the art of creating fine gardens with a special emphasis on water, stone, and perennials.  Because this firm also specialized in rooftop gardens and interior landscapes, Tom had the unusual opportunity to immerse himself even more deeply in those newly developing fields, which he had already encountered while working on the Saudi Arabian project.

Practice in New England

After returning to the U.S. in the early 1980s, Tom first established a practice in New England, where he applied his European training in the art of traditional and innovative landscapes and gardens.  In addition to a series of beautiful private estate gardens, Tom's more public projects from this period included grand award-winning projects, such as the Water's Edge Resort in Connecticut and Constitution Office Park at the Charleston Navy Yard outside of Boston. He was also asked to create gardens for Reebok International Corporate Headquarters and the Central Waterfront of Newburyport, both in Massachusetts.

One of Tom’s more innovative European-inspired projects made public an extraordinarily engaging way of working with the flowing movements of water in an award-winning exhibit at the New England Flower Show.

Invited Back to Europe

As a result of his early experiences in Germany, Tom was asked to return to Germany to work as lead designer for creating the overall context for The Garden of Nations at the International Garden and Landscape Exposition in Stuttgart.  During that second stay, Tom also designed a series of healing therapeutic gardens that were integrated into the Children's Clinic at the University of Tuebingen.  Tom was also immersed in the planning and design of a town center, where he had the opportunity to blend architectural impulses ranging from medieval times to the present.

Because of Europe's overall limited space and long history of beautifully intricate architecture and gardens, landscape architects are challenged by high expectations as they blend the old traditions with new technologies. Tom thrived in this rich tradition of blending cutting edge technology with an extraordinary aesthetic history of fine design.

Development of Altgelt & Associates

With the establishment of Altgelt & Associates in Boulder, Colorado, in 1995, Tom deepened his focus on creating gardens and landscapes with the capacity to bring joy to people in soulful ways. Incorporating rock and water features in interactive ways became a signature of his work. He also sought to bring this approach to the select commercial and institutional gardens he was asked to work on.  Among the gardens he designed for the Abbey of St. Walburga, in Virginia Dale, Colorado, were the contemplative gardens for both the Sisters and their guests on retreat.

On the more technical side, he also developed a palette of approaches to the design and the execution of the rooftop tree plazas and gardens at both the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder and Mason Square in Englewood, Colorado.  In the realm of large-scale community development, he was asked by an innovative development corporation to be part of an interdisciplinary team that was exploring new paradigms of neighborhood cluster housing at the Villages at Castle Pines.

Degrees, Awards and Recognition

Tom received his degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of California. His work has been showcased by institutions such as the Arvada Center for the Arts in Colorado and The Sharon Arts Center in New Hampshire.  Altgelt & Associates has been honored and recognized in publications such as Luxury Homes – “Best of the Best,” Better Homes and Gardens, Boulder County Home and Garden Magazine, The New England Real Estate Journal, The Boulder Daily CameraLUXE Magazine and was voted Best of Houzz 2015.  Tom was asked to address the Green Building Council's 2003 and 2006 Annual Conferences on the subject of water as an essential element that shapes both our natural and built environments.

Together with Changing Landscapes, one of the primary landscape construction firms Tom works with, Altgelt & Associates has won a series of Grand and Golden Awards in the ALCC and Colorado HomeBook design competitions.  Achieving excellence is a hallmark of Altgelt & Associates. The strong working relationships Tom has cultivated with such seasoned contractor partners allow for smooth and graceful continuity from the creative vision to the completed garden.


Tom has built close associate relationships over the years, knowing the value of experienced design and build relationships.

Fellow Garden Architect:  At the drawing board with Tom is Anhyka Snow-Valin, also a trained Landscape Architect. Anhyka brings to A & A an exquisite sense of understanding site needs, tapping into the spirit behind the design process, and managing the multitude of tasks that bridge office to site in a constant refinement of a living design.  She listens for and respects the impulses that seek to be heard throughout the entire design and construction process.

Design Build Partners:  Tom has spent many years cultivating seamless operating partnerships with select local contractors who have come to intimately understand A & A design concepts.  With their own long-established successes in landscape construction, they are the masters who bring forth the magic behind the design plans.

Memberships and Landscape Architect Registration

Tom is currently a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Tom has been registered as a Landscape architect in Germany, as well as with the states of Maine and Rhode Island. He has upheld his original registration in Massachusetts, where he took his registration exam and has practiced since 1985. Currently the majority of his work is centered on the Front Range of Colorado.


Tom has written articles for various publications, such as The New England Real Estate Journal and Colorado Home Book.