We are artists by nature with our medium being the envisioning and design of unique gardens with you. The magic of each of our gardens comes alive through the ongoing orchestration of its creative unfolding.

We begin by listening to you, and then we continually strive both to recognize and procure the most of your site’s hidden opportunities right through the process of construction. Working co-creatively with both you, our client, and the contractors as well as the soul of the land, we hope to fulfill each site’s true potential and to manifest the restful and joyous spaces that can truly bring a garden to life for you. We rejoice in knowing that our work can become a bridge between yourselves and nature, herself.


Tom Altgelt

Anchoring Altgelt and Associates is registered Landscape Architect, Tom Altgelt. For almost four decades, Tom has been orchestrating the envisioning, design and construction of spectacular gardens and landscapes. His creativity and willingness to push the boundaries of design have resulted in unique and dramatic garden spaces. A strong believer in the co-creative design process, he engages deeply with both his clients, coworkers, and the various contractors, so that the end result truly is a masterpiece. He has brought his inspirations to a wide range of projects, from intimate backyard gardens and large estates, to the international work such as the ‘New Government Center of Saudi Arabia’ and the ‘Garden of Nations’ in Stuttgart, Germany.

Tom enjoys lecturing on topics such as the ‘Art of Garden Design’ and ‘ReCognizing Water as the Element of Life’. He takes pleasure in hiking in the spectacular Rocky Mountains and foothills with his wife, as well as exploring the soulful and spiritual relatedness of nature and humanity. This is the foundation of Tom’s understanding of the archetype of the garden and the need to work co-creatively with the uniqueness of property, as well as all the great people for whom and with whom we create our inspirational landscapes.

Anhyka Snow-Valin

With over seven years at the firm, Anhyka continues to excel at creating unique and effective ways to unveil and accentuate each property’s natural potential, consistently applying a fresh approach to each aspect of a project’s unfoldment. Her past experience includes national and international, commercial and residential work. She excels at hearing and understanding our clients’ needs, especially in the context of recognizing the unique opportunities that their sites present. In her free time, Anhyka loves learning from her two children, dancing, and engaging in community.

Emma Friedland

Emma’s journey with Altgelt & Associates began three years ago as a student intern, and over the past few years she has evolved into an involved designer and project manager. Born and raised in Colorado and educated through the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Environmental Design program, she has worked locally as well as internationally in Sydney, Australia in the field of residential garden design. Emma combines her innate love for local plants and materials with her passion to travel and experience the unknown into gardens that offer a unique sense of place. She has brought to the team an eye towards modern design and a curiosity towards designing with up and coming technologies. Apart from work, Emma enjoys painting, yoga, and the world class hiking and music scene that Boulder has to offer. 

Our team offers landscape and garden architectural services based on ecological and experiential design principals. Our practical and intuitive design process creates gardens that radiate a joyful sense of spirit and place. The exceptional results speak for themselves and reflect a clear sensitivity and understanding of our clients’ dreams, the architects’ expression, and each site’s unique characteristics and potentials.