Our Philosophy

Listening and Mindfulness

We celebrate and work with the living qualities of landscapes and the various elements that create them. As designers, we begin by listening to you . . . to your dreams, your connection to your property, and to your personal sense of how a garden can come alive for you. We also work with the archetype of the garden . . . that living image which imbues us with a deep sense of tranquility and a joyful connection to the heart and soul of nature. In this co-creative process, we blend nature's mysteries and delights with your needs and desires to create living garden spaces where nature holds you in its embrace, and plant, water, and stone resonate in harmony.

Living Qualities

It takes a deeply appreciative and skillful eye and hand to recognize, honor, and emulate Nature’s ways and to blend them with our needs and desires in a garden. Such gardens become gateways of reverence and gratitude for the small, the quiet, and the dramatic gifts of the natural world. They literally invite us to co-create with nature’s deeper mysteries and can lead us up into a joyful recognition of her soul and spirit.

Significant to the design process is a mindfulness of the special qualities innate to the many natural and man-made elements that can be used to give form and shape to our landscapes and gardens. We seek to recognize the potential character inherent in our clients’ spaces and incorporate the various elements that can bring those spaces to life. Water and stone often take their places as essential and prominent participants. Underlying this process is an artistic awareness of how these qualities move us and enliven a site.

We offer our clients a co-creative design process, empowering them to participate in envisioning and designing a deeply personal garden that radiates a strong spirit of place. This approach has resulted in delightfully satisfied clients for almost three decades.

Soulful Observations

When a garden is conceived and created from a place of inner harmony and balance, it radiates a strong spirit of place and expresses who you are in the context of the special character and potential of your property.

Soulful observations of the many elements that are used to create a fine garden can guide us deeper and deeper into the mysteries of nature.  As poet Robert Frost noted while observing water:


See how the brook in that white wave runs counter to itself.
It is in this backward motion toward the source, against the stream,
that most we see ourselves in; the tribute of the current to the source.
It is from this in nature we are from . . .
It is most us.