Mountain Properties

“Tom Altgelt & Associates created an extraordinary environment which complemented our new home and continues to age like a fine wine.  Six years later we continue to be delighted with the landscape design and the attention to detail.”
Michael Osterman

Residences and Country Estates

“Tom is a true master in his field;  he is an inspired artist.  There are many people who paint, but there are very few Rembrandts. Tom is one of them.  He and Paul (owner/contractor of Changing Landscapes) have created three extraordinary gardens for me."
Bryan Pulte

“Tom has incredible vision…the ability to see the potential of the site, and to integrate it with the land and what is already there.  He worked really well together with a wide range of people working on our major remodel of an existing estate to accomplish this.  I really appreciated working with him and would highly recommend him as a wonderful designer who really does follow through during construction to make sure the vision is really manifested by working closely with the general contractor and all the subs.  I genuinely appreciate him and his work.”
Mark Taylor

“It's been really fun to co-create our garden together with Tom.  We are both artists and our garden feels like an Andy Goldsworthy creation to us.  Tom gave us the guidance and inspiration to get us there."
Glenda and David Michael Monashe

“Tom transformed our boring and unappealing front yard into an enchanted and welcoming garden and entry to our home.  It has become a place for me to rest and for my children to play in.  This was a small budget project and it looks like a really big budget entry garden.  Tom was really fun to work with and absolutely amazing.”
Kelly Wawrzynek

“Knowing only that we wanted big changes in our yard, Tom Altgelt was the correct choice for us.  He is patient, thoroughly knowledgeable about plants, flowers, what works in our climate and altitude, what flowers when, etc.  He chose each rock for the yard individually, imagining how each would look in the exact place it would be placed.  He made suggestions and accepted ours, guided and advised but did not push his own plans or agenda.  We are thrilled with the result.  Not a walker nor neighbor goes by without commenting on the beauty, design and uniqueness of our yard.”
Midge Korczak

"Our landscape, specifically the water feature, totally exceeded our expectations.  It was easy working with Tom because he was able to take my thoughts and opinions and successfully incorporate them into his vision.  We love the water feature with the sound of the waterfall and the most incredible rocks.  Overall, Tom surpassed our expectations with a beautiful design and has continued to follow up on every detail.  He has the artistic ability to turn a rather plain-looking backyard into an extraordinary masterpiece."
Julie Litoff

Architectural Collaborations

“We’ve collaborated with Tom Altgelt of Altgelt & Associates on several recent projects.  His creativity in design, coupled with his field expertise, has resulted in inviting, aesthetic, and easy-to-maintain landscapes every time.  He grasps architectural design and is able to create an uncommon interplay between the built environment, outdoor rooms, and landscape.  I think Tom’s long term, proven relationship with landscaper Paul Hartman of Changing Landscapes is the distinguishing factor in their ability to consistently implement and deliver on their design vision.”
John Ringoen, Developer

Design/Build Partnerships

“Working with Tom Altgelt and Paul Hartman is always such a pleasure.  They work well as a team providing a seamless landscape from design through execution.  Tom has great vision and Paul is a fantastic craftsman.  In the end, the landscapes they have done are like a living painting.  They are marvelous season to season."
Samuel Austin, Architect

“At the outset of the project, the combination of a design and build team seemed foreign to my wife and I.  However, after Tom was able to capture the Zen spirit we had imagined possible, Paul Hartman of Changing Landscapes built out this dream with every detail we had envisioned. The duo created a masterpiece worthy of this incredible setting, in our humble opinions.  This combination proved to be a perfect Yin/Yang partnership, which we would unquestionably engage again.”
Budd Zuckerman