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One often hears the adage, 'It's the journey, not the destination that counts'. In working with Tom and Anhyka as they designed the new landscape for our home, I would have to adjust that just a bit to say 'It's the journey AND the destination that count'.
Both Tom and Anhyka were an absolute delight to work with through the design process. Ours was not an easy project, having landscape challenges that pushed their plans to incorporate some stunningly creative results. Tom and Anhyka have a rare connection with each other and are sensitive to their clients - who they are, and what they are after. Inviting me to join them in 'rock hunting' and specimen selection excursions was perfect. I loved being more intimately involved with the process, while also feeling quite comfortable that the end results would have been wonderful either way. They also had a remarkable working relationship with the landscape installers and the communication between the two groups appeared seamless. Watching their visions unfold day by day and the ultimate result - the 'destination' - was captivating. The inviting path to our front door is now an experience rather than just a walk, and sitting at our dining table gazing out the window with background sound of trickling water is, well... Zen. We now have an outstanding outdoor environment that we can appreciate from inside and out. Thank you, Tom & Anhyka!
Diane Glover